Safety Reminders: Dogs, Traffic, and Wheels

We at West Langley Elementary value the safety and security of all our community members. 

First, as much as our whole staff and most of our community love dogs, there are some members for whom dogs bring on significant anxiety, and who can find it stressful to have dogs, no matter how friendly, waiting at their classroom doors at drop-off and pick-up. We have also had a few situations where students get over-excited when they approach a dog on the school grounds and end up causing that dog considerable stress, occasionally resulting in a negative interaction for both human and dog. We ask that, if your dog comes with you to pick up or drop off, you please wait well away from the building. Dogs should wait at the fence in the front, on the walkway to the south, beyond the playground to the north, and on the gravel field at the back of the school. Also, parents of children without dogs, please remind your children that they should always ask the owner’s permission to pet a strange dog (or even a familiar one in a new situation) before reaching out. If we all work together, we can provide a safe, stress-free environment for all members of our community, human and canine. 

When the weather gets to the point that families begin driving to school, please take note of our traffic expectations. The circle at the front of the school is for a quick drop off and pick up only. Students should be ready to exit when the car arrives at the curb, and the driver should move on as soon as the children are safely on the sidewalk. In the interest of safety, student should not be getting out of the car until it is in the circle. Loading and unloading out among the parking spaces is dangerous. If you need to leave the car, please park in the gravel lot to the north of the school and walk to the building from there. We encourage families to take active commuting options wherever possible. Bike, scooter, run or walk. And if you drive, park the car and walk a block. It helps keep you out of the traffic jams that can form in front of the school. Please note that the speed limit in school parking lots is 10 km/h.

Lastly, please remember to walk your wheels when you come onto school property so that all members of our community are safe. When bikes and scooters are ridden on the sidewalks around our building, our students and families cannot safely walk to school.

Thank you for your cooperation with respect to keeping our students, family members and staff safe and secure at our school.


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